NoLabel, is a sunglass brand born out of the realization that a single company was dominating the industry and overcharging for their products. NoLabel is passionate about providing high-quality polarized sunglasses at an affordable price. NoLabel's mission is to make quality sunglasses accessible to all. You can find a range of stylish eyewear that offers the same quality as the big brands without the painful price tag. Gone are the days of constantly worrying about breaking or losing expensive sunglasses. NoLabel empowers everyone to enjoy premium eyewear without breaking the bank. Join the movement and embrace the freedom of sunglasses without the label, because quality and affordability should never be mutually exclusive.

If you are interested in ordering a customized set of sunglasses for a party or corporate event, please use our contact page and let us know what you are looking for!

From the owner:

"I was frustrated by the price of sunglasses that were advertised all over social media and the inconsistent quality among foreign sellers on Amazon and other major online platforms. I the spirit of Curb Your Enthusiasm, this is my spite store. I am ordering from the same manufacturers as the other guys and selling them at a price that makes sense. No label is worth the $50, $75, or $150 that someone is trying to charge you. I am not doing this to get rich, which is why a portion of every sale goes to charity"